Daniel Fox, novelist

"The fear is my ally,
and together...

we run."


Now available in print and e-book.

Praise for "LIES THAT BIND"

“In a rapid paced thriller, Fox keeps
his readers on their toes… I was captivated.”

-The Lexington Bookie

“Suspenseful… Captivated… I read

deep into the night to find out.”

-Gina Rae Mitchell

“Hard for me to put it down.”

“Hooked from the beginning.”

“Definitely a page turner.”

“Extremely suspenseful moments.”

“Thrilling…and highly recommended.”

-Various Amazon Review

Praise for "IN THE DARK"

"Chills down my spine... It's eerie... Reading 'In The Dark' gave me that feeling. I was taken by surprise when I learned the truth. I look forward to his future works."

-Olivia Tang, A Rainbow of Books

"I just had to keep reading." "Action packed and tense." "Gripping psychological thriller that can mess with your head."

- Alice and the Books

Holy rollercoaster ride!

"Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time." "Hooked from the start." "Could not put it down!" "I did not want it to end!"

-Amazon Reviews

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